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fall 2014

Featured Articles From the Fall 2014 Edition

Does Design Matter?

By Darius Sollohub

Of course it does. Everything we make is the result of design. Design knows no scale. To paraphrase Walter Gropius, the founder of the Bauhaus, the most famous design school of the 20th century, design should cover everything from the teacup to the city.At the scale of the city and its infrastructure, design can be overwhelmingly complex, taking enormous time and effort. ...

Art for Community's Sake: Creative Placemaking

Movement Harnesses Creativity as a Catalyst for Economic Growth and Neighborhood Improvement
By Mark Solof

On July 24, R&B artist Luke James launched Newark, New Jersey’s ninth annual Lincoln Park music festival to a packed, enthusiastic crowd. His revival and reinterpretation of R&B traditions is credited with helping bring the musical genre to a new generation. In much the same way, the festival itself is reawakening deep musical traditions. The 11-block Lincoln Park area was home to numerous jazz clubs in the 1930s through 1950s. ...

Smart Branding Attracts the Masses to Mass Transit

Agencies Devote Increasing Attention to Design,
Marketing Strategies to Lure Riders from their Cars
By Josh Stephens

This year, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (Metro) decided that a ribbon-cutting alone would not suffice. The agency announced the opening of the first phase of its long-awaited Silver Line—a heavy rail extension through the suburbs and edge cities of northern Virginia—with a singular video. In it, suburbanites are roused from their homes by an irresistible groove. ...

Putting the Metal to the Pedals

Cities Commission Artistic Bike Racks to Give Streetscapes Local Flair
By Ted Ritter

There’s something undignified about locking a bicycle to a rusty old rack—or worse, if there’s no bike rack at all, chaining it up to the nearest tree or street sign. Fortunately, cities and towns across the country are now transforming the traditional bike rack from an eyesore into a functional amenity that’s also literally a work of art. ...

In New Jersey, Transit-Oriented Development Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Designers Share Perspectives on the Keys to Creating Unique Projects
By Karl Vilacoba

There are the investors, who want to see as many units squeezed into a property as possible. There are the towns, which demand projects abide by intricate sets of local zoning regulations. And there are the residents, who sometimes cast a skeptical eye toward what an application will mean to their schools and traffic. Guiding a transit-oriented development (TOD) through to fruition can be an exercise in navigating competing interests. For architects, finding ways to artfully compromise can mean compromising art. ...